For us, recent months have been filled with boxes, trucks, trailers, carloads, shelves, storage units, and MORE boxes of drum parts. Nearly 20 years worth of collected drum stock and stuff had to find a new home when we were forced to leave our longtime Nashville warehouse. It's been the biggest ordeal of my lifetime.

I'm happy to announce that our move has finally been completed and new our workspace is coming together quickly. Lots of restock is incoming weekly and shipping of orders has been ramping up for the past few weeks.

Do you have an order with us that you think may have been lost during our move? Look it up & track the progress here.

Many thanks to the awesome friends and volunteers who helped us make it through this transition and super big thanks to our customers who have waited patiently for their drum parts and supplies during the madness. Now, let's get back to making drums!

Andy Foote
Owner/Drum Tech
Drum Supply House USA

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"I needed a HUGE kick drum cut down. @DrumMaker chopped it in a 4 DAY turnaround. Beautiful work. Thanks Andy! pic.twitter.com/oXoiDS4MJo"