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PROMARK Platillo Sizzler

SKU 5063
Precio original $12.82 - Precio original $12.82
Precio original
$12.82 - $12.82
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Gives Cymbals a Riveted Sizzle in Seconds .Nothing beats a dark ride with rivets for brushwork and ballads. But if you're not ready to take the plunge, or if you play a wide range of styles, the Promark Sizzler can get you a convincing and moody rivet sound in seconds. Installation is easy - just swap out your top cymbal felt with the Sizzler between tunes. The Sizzler has smaller beads than the Rattler for a more traditional jazz sound and delicate sizzle response. If you're a drummer who's looking to spice up their cymbals, or who wants to get an authentic jazz riveted sound without drilling.

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