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British Drum Co Merlin Snare Drum - Maple + Birch

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Merlin Snare Drum from British Drum Co.

Clean and clear sound that tunes great in both low and high tunings.
Handmade in Great Britain.

- Shell: Maple and birch, 10.5 mm, 20 ply
- Bearing edges: Hand cut, 45-degree
- Snare beds: Hand cut, 1.8 mm deep
- Batter hoop: Triple flange, 2.3 mm
- Snare hoop: Triple flange, 2.3 mm
- Lugs: 10 Diamond chrome-plated Palladium snare lugs
- Batter head: Remo coated Ambassador
- Resonate head: Remo Hazy snare
- Snare strainer: BDC Smooth action strainer
- Feature: Nyloc lug inserts to prevent de-tuning
- Finish: Merlin

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