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Creative Percussion Hat Stax - Metal Effects

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The Hat Stax, we call it the “dirty ching-ring”!

It has a higher-pitched trashy sound.

 The Hat Stax comes as a permanently sealed unit comprised of 6 layers of our hex metal and solid brass parts for a unique, yet classic look. The Hat Stax can’t be altered.  This is an ideal addition for a quick and easy smaller crasher.

They are made from hand-cut, hand-hammered and hand-torched steel, so no 2 are alike! 

They are designed to be easily mounted above your hi-hat clutch, like a ching-ring, with a solid brass center hub.  The Hat Stax are small enough to not get in the way and big enough to be easily hit with your stick.  Play them by themselves as a mini stacker or have them move to the groove of your hi-hat with a new sound and rhythm. 

As if that’s not cool enough, play them with the spring on the top for one sound or flip them over and have the spring on the bottom for more bounce and a bit of a different sound. 

-Each piece is hammered on both sides, leaving unique indentations and patterns protruding on each surface so they will never lay flat against each other, giving you a livelier sound.

-The heat treatment gives each one a unique set of colors.

-Heat treating the steel also changes the sound, leaving each set with its own identity.

- Metal will patina over time.

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