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Creative Percussion - Groove Ring

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The Groove Ring gives you an industrial, metallic sound on your snare drum!

Great for accents!  Play it with rim-shots or on its own.

Made from our Hex Metal, the Groove Ring is hand-hammered and heat-treated to bring a specific tone out of the metal.  It's formed into a domed shape with the outer edge slightly flattened to allow it to sit properly on your drumhead and the inner edge raised approximately 1/4".  This gives you the versatility to flip it over and get a different effect.  Just rest it on top of your drumhead and you’re ready to go!

Features and uses of the Groove Ring:

  • Get a loud tone without the need for a hard hit. 
  • Use it as an accent sound which is similar to a pipe or anvil.
  • Use in conjunction with a rim-shot. 
  • Add a Creative Percussion Groove Chain-ger for even more metallic sound. 
  • Enhance the industrial sound by disengaging the snare wires.
  • Add one or two of our MFX Jingles for more dimension in sound.



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