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HardCase Caja de 14 ”

por Hardcase
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$109.99 - $119.99
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FIts 14” diameter snare drums. Telescoping depth accommodates all common depths from 5x14 up to 8x14  

Stackable, molded plastic heavy duty drum case. 

The handle grip is closed cell expanded Nitrile rubber foam.

No internal lining to wear and breakdown, those cases often allow your drum tom rattle around in transit. Instead that use high density foam grip blocks that actually snug and float your drum!

High Impact & Waterproof Material; a medium density polyethylene is used which gives high impact strength at low temperatures yet is very tough and resilient at ambient temperatures.

The polyethylene used by HARDCASE will not absorb moisture and it is resistant to most common chemicals and oils.

The Overlapping Compression Design can cover various “depths” with one case. High density 0.4" thick closed cell expanded polyethylene foam with heavy duty adhesive backing is used to give good, compressive grip to keep the drum in position and resists wear and tear.

Larger cases have wheel design with polypropylene center and a gray rubber outer tire giving great strength, good grip and quiet rolling.

Applied on bass drum cases, hardware cases and some cymbal cases.

Cymbal case pull handles utilize a 0.4” diameter solid steel bar which is used for maximum strength and has an anti-corrosion zinc coating.


Features & details

  • High Impact and Waterproof Material
  • Stackable for Safety and Storage
  • Curved Base for Stability
  • High-Density Foam Grip Pads for Protection and Support
  • Overlapping Compression Design Covers Varios Depths with one Case
Color: Black
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