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Novus Plastic Polish 1 2 3 - COMPLETE SET 8 oz

por Novus
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Keeping acrylic drum shells and plastics drum wraps looking like new is as easy as 1,2,3 with our Novus Plastic Polishes. The #1 Plastic Clean & Shine gently cleans all plastics without scratching the surface. It contains no abrasive or harsh chemicals and should be regularly reapplied to maintain the antistatic, smudge and scratch resistant properties. The #2 Fine Scratch Removal removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasions from most plastics. It also restores faded and discolored plastics. The #3 Repair & Prepare removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces. 

This is a set of all three bottles. Each large bottle is 8 oz. 

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