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Headhunters Cepillos de escoba de maíz suave

por Rohema
SKU 61366
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Material Bamboo
Handle Rubber
Weight light
Length 385 mm / 15.169″
Diameter 15 mm / .591″

The Rohema Smooth Bamboo Rods have even thinner rods than those used in conventional rods. Due to the bundled soft bamboo sticks, the rods provide a particularly soft and warm sound on cymbals and drums. Therefore, these rods are the perfect companion when it comes to playing the drum set or percussion instruments at a very subdued volume. Bamboo is a flexible material and makes the Smooth Bamboo Rods not only very durable, but also provides a very soft, comfortable feel. Comfortable grip is provided by the plastic handle. With adjustable rubber rings, the sound and feel of our Smooth Bamboo Rods can be customized at any time.

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