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SNAREWEIGHT #5 BRASS Drum Tone Control Dampener

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Introducing Snareweight #5!!
Purchase includes: #5 brass body, walnut brown genuine leather insert and case.

Keep your drum alive but find the high or low ring you don't like. Move in increments of 1/4" around the hoop until you find it! All anchored by the central neodymium magnet for fast and easy sound change.

Like all Snareweight products made by musicians for musicians. We believe nothing should ever stick to your drum head to keep the feel, volume and expression of your drum. More info below - worth a read if you are new to Snareweight. The Snareweight #5 is our flagship damper offering the most options for dialing in the right amount of dampening quickly. Snareweight adds mass to the head which helps to evenly smooth the lower-mid ringing frequencies that can't be reached with other methods while keeping the tone of your shell in tact. The unwanted ring of the high frequencies are shaped by the chosen insert in a snap by matching the insert with your favorite drum head.

From an engineering stand point with the weight of a Snareweight #5, you get about 2-3 db of compression from your drum, which helps to reel it in for optimum recording levels and sitting in the mix without the need for more outboard gear, eq/compression, usually better to fix it from the source. It turns out, the only way we like the finish of the brass is to do it by hand. This hand done work is reflected in the price. This new batch really turned out amazing and stoked to get it out to drummers that want the most out of their drum. Size: 1.87” wide x 2.44 “ long x 0.66” thick More info: Snareweight #5 is the fifth generation built for metal triple flange hoops (die cast hoops need a pro lock- see pro lock). It's made to last of a weighted solid 3/4lbs. chunk of CNC'd brass.

The weight, friction and magnet, all work together to create what we call "expressive dampening"- giving color options to your playing all the way through the dynamic range.

Features & details

  • SNAREWEIGHT #5: Weighted Solid Brass Drum Dampener- the best way dampen from 10k down to 200hz
  • 4 DIFFERENT SETTINGS: Two Sided Leather Insert, "Xtra Grip" on or off.
  • MAGNETIC: For use with Triple Flange Metal Hoops ONLY
  • Proudly Made in USA: Solid Brass Body with Genuine USA Leather Insert and Hard Case
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