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Meinl Byzance 21” Matt Halpern - Dark Double Down Crash-Ride,

by Meinl
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The Matt Halpern Signature Double Down Crash-Ride is a versatile and dynamic, hand-hammered cymbal which fully functions as both a ride and crash when needed. Plus, it features a powerful and cutting bell to punch through a full band mix. Because this cymbal opens so easily, it is a fantastic choice for crash-riding and big single crash accents. The combination of the dark, unlathed top and lathed bottom creates a unique blend of sustain and control. Additionally, some light sandblasting on top reduces the overtones for a decay that quickly gets out of the way.

Features & details

B20 bronze alloy
Hand hammered for an unique sound
Fantastic for crash-riding and big single accents
Designed in collaboration with Matt Halpern

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