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6.5x14 DIY Snare Kit - Aluminum Metal

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Current price $282.00
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This is a complete 38 piece Do It Yourself snare drum kit. No finish needed, just drill for parts (or choose pre-drilled) , assemble, tune, and play!

Added up separately from our discounted website prices alll these parts would be over $325.00.

INCLUDES: 6.5x14 Aluminum shell complete with bearing edges, snare bed, shell ready for you to drill out (or choose pre-drilled) for all included parts. Pro brand top/bottom heads. 2.3 chrome triple flanged 8 hole hoops. Strainer and butt plate. Chrome over brass tube lugs. 14 inch snare wires. 16 Tension rods.

NOTE : Parts may vary from photo based on availability. 1-3 week custom drilled shell lead time.

Brass hardware? A different lug or strainer? Aluminum or custom plated shell? JUST ASK US about customizing a DIY KIT to exactly what you’d like.

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  • How thick is the shell?

    1.2mm thick.

  • On the 6.5x14 DIY Snare Kit - Aluminum Metal, is it an 8 or 10 lug kit?

    8 lugs unless you message after sale to upgrade to 10 lug, for a few bucks more.

  • Is the shell seamless? Is chrome plating an option?

    Not a seamless shell, at this price!
    We can offer custom plating as a service afterwards, starting at $100 and up.

  • Can you please tell me the weight of the drum once assembled and ready to play?

    This drum weighs about 9-10 lbs.

  • Is it possible to have the aluminum shell painted?

    Yes! We do have a special custom color process. Please emai us directly with your project details to explore those options.

  • Can the buttplate accept straps as well as string?

    Sure, yes.

  • How much more would it cost to get all brass hardware?

    Depends on the specific hardware, but in the range of $20-35. Message us with details for custom quote.

  • The description says 8 lugs per side but the picture shows a hoop with10 lugs per side. Do you offer a ten lugs per side kit? How much would that be, predrilled?

    We just noticed that! 8 lug is ours standard option for our DIY kits. But a upgrade to 10 lugs is easy to offer. As of 8/2020 that would add $15-20. We can make that upgrade by request after your order is completed.

  • Is it possible to get the 6.5x14 aluminum snare kit in a 10 lug configuration? What would the price difference be?

    Sure, about + $20 Just order the standard kit and contact us afterwards for your upgrade wishes.