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6.5x14 DIY Snare Kit - Copper Metal

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This is a complete 38 piece Do It Yourself snare drum kit. No finish needed, just drill for parts (or choose pre-drilled) , assemble, tune, and play!

Added up separately from our discounted website prices alll these parts would be over $395.00.

INCLUDES: 6.5x14 Copper shell complete with bearing edges, snare bed, shell ready for you to drill out (or choose pre-drilled) for all included parts. Pro brand top/bottom heads. 2.3 chrome triple flanged hoops. Strainer and butt plate. Chrome over brass tube lugs. 14 inch snare wires. Tension rods.

NOTE : Parts may vary from photo based on availability. 1-3 week custom drilled shell lead time.

Brass hardware? A different lug or strainer? Aluminum or custom plated shell? JUST ASK US about customizing a DIY KIT to exactly what you’d like.

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  • Seemless shell?

    Not seamless at this price. But we find little difference in tone or performance. 

  • What is the thickness of the shell?

    These copper shells are around 1.3m thick

  • Is this an actual copper shell, or a copper colored shell of some other material?

    Real copper! Brushed and clear coated. Similar tone to brass.

  • Can we do a die cast batter side hoop?

    Sure! Just emailed us any mods desired after you place your order. We will set it up and invoice any cost due. DC hoops are currently around $60 each (minus a the credit for removing the stock hoops)

  • How much is the upgrade to 10 lugs, and how do we access that option?

    Just email us right after you order. Usually less than $20

  • How many lugs?

    Standard kit has 8 lugs. But 10 lug upgrade is a available for a small added cost.

  • Can I get this with a 10 lug and die cast hoops? Also, what brand of “throw off” do yall supply? Look forward to hearing from you!

    Sure. Upgrades like this can be made at added cost. Email us directly for a quote. Or order the standard model, as hit reply to you order email with your wishes, that will invoice separately. 

    the standard strainer is not branded. See photos. Upgrades are possible. 

  • I would like to order this with diecast hoops, as well as in a 10 lug configuration. How do I go about that?

    Just order the stock kit and email us afterwards with any changes or upgrades. We will invoice those separately and update your order.

  • Any possibility to have a 5.5 X 14 shell

    Maybe in the future, but no 5-5.5 as of Jan 2023. BUT 8" deep coming soon!