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BD Beater Classic XL Marshmallow Soft Wool

SKU 5100
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The design of the Marshmallow bass drum beater stemmed from the desire to create a vintage-style beater that wasn’t overly dead sounding or feeling.  We wanted it to have articulation while maintaining that vintage sound.

Don’t let their fluffy appearances deceive you; the depth of sound you’ll get from these beaters will surprise you!

Unlike vintage style beaters that are fleece wrapped around a solid core, these beaters are 100% wool to the core. They have a super soft feel which is perfect for that vintage sound.  They are great for cajons too!

The XL Marshmallow has a little more "beef" to it and weighs about the same as an average beater. Because of its size, it is a little slower than the Standard Marshmallow


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