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ProTec Multi-Tom Drum Bag with Wheels

by ProTec
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Another awesome  solution!. Protec developed a unique drum  bag that can hold and transport 2 toms, + floor tom, and other accessories. Gradual tapered design is slightly larger at the bottom and smaller at the top. Fitting most 18” toms/kicks, and allowing 2 smaller toms to stack on top of it.

We’ve also had success using this bag to carry 5-6 14” snare drums by having 2 of them inside thier own 14” drum bag inside of this master bag  

The drum tower simplifies your drum transportation needs and is loaded with well thought out features to provide the ultimate protection and convenience.

Features & details

  • Attach the padded dividers to the interior wall between each drum by using the secure straps with hook and loop fasteners.
  • Store drum legs inside the large exterior pocket.
  • Clinch the top straps for a snug fit.
  • Pull the bag using one of the top pull handles.
  • Oversized wheels and feet
  • 42 x 21 x 21 inches

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  • Hi Drum Supply, Can this case really take an 18" Kick/Floor Tom at the base. Thanks

    Yes, that is correct.

  • Hi! Please let me know if could be used to 4 snare 14x6,5. Looks perfect. Thank you

    Yes, but the bottom end is sized for 16-18" toms. So it could be a bit loose on a 14" in that area. You can cintch the straps tighter or maybe wrap those snares with extra padding. It includes a few internal dividers, you may need to construct more to go between snares. As simple as a few drumhead boxes w towels inside.