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Stagg Genghis Dual 18” Medium Crash Cymbal

by Stagg
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Extra dark, warm and trashy. The Stagg Genghis Dual 18'' Medium Crash features a blend of raw and brilliant finishes to provide a unique mixture of sonic experiences. This produces dark and complex tones. The complexity of the deep hammering effect produces an extremely versatile, dark, and dry tone. This, combined with the mixed finishes, makes the cymbals overall sound rich and dynamic.

The Genghis Dual Crash is extremely versatile - it sits perfectly in the mix in any style. Each cymbal undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, enabling the cymbals to achieve a dynamic and unique sound.

Handcrafted in China according to two-thousand-year-old traditional methods.

  • Extra dark, warm and trashy
  • blend of raw and brilliant finishes
  • provide a unique mixture of sonic experiences

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