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ASBA Stainless Steel Metal 13 / 16 / 22 Kit

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The French reedition of the iconic model 100% Steel ASBA kit from the 70s!

The legend is back!

First created in the early 70s for Christian Vander, the founder and drummer of the notorious French band Magma, we are proud to bring back this iconic and legendary METAL kit into the ASBA collection.

The story
Metal Drums [Musical Instrument] | ASBA - 1

In the early 70s, Christian Vander, the founder and drummer of the notorious French band Magma, wanted a sound that was louder, sharper and more metallic. So he asked Marc Périn, Alfred Boudard's nephew, who was in charge of the brand’s artist relations, for something different and unusual. With stainless steel sheets purchased in the suburbs of Paris, they designed and created “the metal kit”.

Christian, impatient to test this unique drum kit, literally jumped into the delivery truck and started to play in it!
The one of a kind metal kit was a groundbreaking innovation of this era. Many drummers, both in Jazz and Rock from Europe to the west coast of the USA had the chance to play on this kit.

Today, we are proud to bring this iconic and legendary METAL kit back into the ASBA collection.

Shell :Brushed stainless steel - Thickness 1mm
Badge :ASBA in cut brass
Drum parts :High-quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design - threadlock - stainless steel screws A2 standard
Hoops :Triple flanged steel hoops
Bass drum hoops :Hand waxed
Manufacturing :Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon - France
Stamp :Stamped label inside the shell certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument

LOCAL Nashville pick up only. No shipping. 

Vist our East Nashville drum shop to demo and take it home. 

Message any questions.

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