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Shipping worldwide + Local Nashville delivery + Local walk-in Local Walk-in 12-5pm

Creative Percussion Hex Stax - Metal Effects

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Give your playing a quick, musical trashy effect with CP Hex Stax!

The Hex Stax are mare of 3 layers of hex-shaped steel.  Each layer is individually cut, hammered and heat treated.  No 2 are alike!  Each set is paired and tested for sound to ensure they match. Great affordable, efficient space stack and “clap” sound  

Unique features:

  • Each hex-shaped piece is hammered on both sides. This dual hammering leaves unique indentations and patterns protruding on each surface so they will never lay flat against each other, giving you a livelier sound.  Additionally, you can flip them over and stack them in different orders to get different characteristics.
  • The heat treatment gives each one a unique set of colors.  Heat treating the steel also changes the sound, leaving each set with its own identity.
  • Most stacks on the market are made of 2 layers, we’ve decided to go the extra mile and add a 3rd layer for more adaptability, creativity and depth to your sound.

Hex Stax are fully adjustable depending on how you stack them and how much you tighten your stand’s wingnut down.  Don’t hesitate to experiment by flipping them over, changing the order and changing the orientation.

Available in multiple sizes, the smaller the size, the higher the pitch, the lower the volume.  Get creative, find your own sound, buy a set of each size and interchange them.

- Metal will patina over time.

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