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Farmer DownBeat Interchangeable Pedal

Original price $129.99 - Original price $129.99
Original price
$129.99 - $129.99
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The Farmer DownBeat Pedal is a simple, yet musically robust, foot-played percussion instrument. Play one or more at the same time.

Percussion add-ons are REQUIRED to complete your DownBeat. Choose from our selection here or make your own by attaching to a cut off drum stick.  

Shown with various add-ons sold separately 

  • Comes with a Farmer Pouch – Small for safe storage and travel.
  • Rare Earth repelling magnets ensure consistent, effortless, and silent pedal play that will last forever. Patented technology from Drumnetik.
  • Two options for playing on different surfaces – remove the rubber (solid floors) to reveal velcro that keeps your pedal in position on carpet.
  • Low profile wedge design for comfortable playing while sitting or standing with heels or toes.
  • Beautifully crafted with multi-ply hardwood, yet built to take the abuse of serious foot stompin’.
  • Each one is made in our Michigan workshop and is signed with a serial number.
  • Mounting hardware allows users to quickly change pedal swing distance, weighted feel, sound dynamics, and accessory options.
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