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Farmer DownBeat Percussion Mount Add-On

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Your ticket to a world of percussion sounds! You will need this to play standard mountable percussion (cowbells, blocks, tambourines, etc) with your DownBeat. A drum wrench is all you need to set it up in seconds.Fun in hand, but made to use in the Farmer Downbeat Pedal sold here on our site. 

 Shown on pedal with percussion sold separately 

  • A 10.7 mm (.42″) diameter “L” shaped knurled steel post that holds mountable percussion firmly in place.
  • Two custom fabricated Farmer U Clamps (comes assembled with your DownBeat orders) secure the L Post at your desired angle when tightened with a standard drum key (included).  
  • Don’t forget a drum stick is also needed to strike your percussion. Use your own or get a Farmer Drum Stick, available in 9″, 12″ or 16.”  The 12″ stick is for most percussion sounds and instruments.  A 9″ Drumstick is recommended for our Farmer High Pitch Wood Block.  A 16″ Drumstick is recommended for use with LP Cyclops Tambourines. 
  • Experiment with angles and position of your drum stick and percussion item to get just the sound you are looking for.
  • If you DownBeat was purchased before 2019, then please send us a picture of your DownBeat to determine its compatibility.   
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