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Shipping worldwide + Local Nashville delivery

Gretsch Hammered Brass Snare Drum 6.5 x 14

by Gretsch
SKU S1-6514-BRH
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These brass shells create a nice, warm tone that naturally bridges the gap between wood and steel snare drums. The cutting power of metal is present but balanced out by the dark complexity of brass. Gretsch takes the classic recipe one step further and applies a hammering pattern to the shell. This naturally reduces overtones and creates a powerful, focused sound. The Gretsch 6.5x14 inch. hammered brass for snare drums are finished with die-cast hoops, REMO drum heads, adjustable throw-offs and fixed butt plates. · 1.2 mm Hammered Brass · 30 Degree Bearing Edge · 4 mm Die Cast Hoops · 10 Lugs · Drum heads by Remo

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