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Hendrix Perfect Ply Maple Snare Drum 5.5x14

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Maple shells provide even highs and mids with warm lows.

Maple has long been the industry standard for all-purpose great sounding drum. It produces an even amount of highs and mids with slightly warm lows. These snares can be tuned to work in just about any musical environment. These are resonant lively snares and the Walnut re-rings add even more crack while cutting down on some of the hight frequency overtones.

Rich tone you'll love playing.


Features aluminum hardware with single-point tube lugs.


  • 14" wood snare drum crafted from 4 plies of black walnut
  • 5 mm thin shell maximizes punchy tone and sensitivity at lower volumes
  • Maple reinforcement rings increase rigidity for heavier genres
  • Lightweight aluminum hoops and tube lugs
  • Available in 5.5, 6.5 and 8" depths
  • Durable polyester gloss and satin finish options

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