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KickBlock - Bass Drum Anchor Brick BLACK

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KickBlock is a totally new approach to bass drum stabilization. Instead of putting hard noisy gadgets on your drums where they'll just bounce around with the drum, KickBlock plants a shock-absorbing curb firmly in front of your kit. That way KickBlock easily opposes your force and stops the forward motion of your kick.

KickBlock's shock-absorbing foam protects your kit from the scratching and dents you would see from mounted hardware or rougher weighted objects in front of your kit.

NOTE: KickBlock requires a Velcro-compatible drum rug or carpet to properly adhere. If you are uncertain about whether Velcro will adhere to your rug, you can test your rug with a small piece of Velcro (hard hook side) to determine if Velcro will grip your rug. If your Velcro test piece grips the carpet fibers, KickBlock's 27 square inches of special Ultra-Grip Velcro will grip it like crazy and work great!

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