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Koide 10J Traditional Crash Cymbal 18" 1523 grams

by Koide
SKU KO10J18C-1g
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$386.56 - $386.56
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Koide 10J Cymbals - Redefining The Modern Sound

10J cymbals are produced to allow for more overall consistency in each cymbal when compared to the 703 family, but still keeping the vintage vibe and warmth. A bit cleaner tone than the 703 cymbals, with more versatile sound characteristics that work well in diverse musical genres.

A responsive feel, and familiarity that will be the go-to cymbals for working musicians that need to cover a wide range of styles.


Raw and aggressive, explosive attack with a big sound. Subtle complexity for sticking, mildly warmer than expected.


Perfect for Country, Rock, Gospel and Pop. Great in the studio and live, applicable in all situations.

Please note: Weight calibrations differ from scale to scale. Weighing any cymbal on a different scale than ours may yield a different weight than what is marked, possibly as far off as 20 grams. We do not accept returns for conflicting weight readings from different scales.

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