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Koide Absolute Thin Crash Cymbal 17"

by Koide
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Koide Absolute Cymbals - Fast Decay, Focused Sound

The Absolute Family uses Koide's patented B21ZFe alloy developed in partnership with Osaka Goukin. The B21ZFe bronze enhances the decay of the sustain, without the need for coatings, tape or any external muting. The focused tone of the Absolute cymbals is direct and full. The addition of Zirconium to the bronze restrains vibration, offering a unique tone and playing experience that is unlike any cymbal on the market.


Warm, quick decay, with emphasis on the midrange frequencies, soft highs and a subtle sustain. Articulate with a more mellow cut. Medium sustain, slightly dry wash, controlled volume.


Perfect for Jazz, Rock, Funk and Blues. Excels in both studio and live situations. Ideal for smaller venues, and applications requiring more blend and finesse, without the musician having to give up kinetic energy to maintain dynamics.

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