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Koide Cadence Ride Cymbal 21” Medium Thin

by Koide
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Koide Cadence Cymbals 


The Cadence series uses the same B20 bronze as the popular series "808", but was developed to create a completely different sound with just a hammering style. The 808 series hammer is "striking" style. Although the surface is smooth finish, the bronze material has strong distortion at the molecular level, and the structure of the bronze material has been designed to sound. However, the Cadence is a style that leaves a "deep hammer mark with weak pressure". The distortion given to the material is slightly weak, but the surface has a beautiful random dent flow.

This hammer brings out the "depth" of B20 bronze material that can be represented as a cymbal, with a more natural and exquisite balance. The character is "calm tones" and "clear grain with a sense of presence. This clear sense of clarity, the subtle touch of pinging, and the natural spatial reverberation. And, this one is the best energy to roast in. The more you knock it, the deeper the more you ring it, the more you shit, this is a masterpiece that can be said to be a new standard for the coming small out cymbal.

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