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Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Multi-Rod Dowels LAST 30x

by Kuppmen
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Playing an intimate venue where big volume could be a big problem? with a pair of Kuppmen carbon fiber drum rods, it’s easy to take things down a Notch. A cross between brushes and drumsticks, they can shave up to 20dB off your sound. That's good news for you, your bandmates and your audience. And because they last up to 30 times longer than wood, they’re easy on your wallet too.

Features & details

  • Manufactured from carbon fiber - may Last up to 30 times longer than wood rods
  • Length - 16 inches
  • Total diameter - 14mm
  • NUMBER of rods - 7
  • High quality German manufacturing

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  • Hi. What is their weight like compared to wooden rods? Also, do they have a wooden sound on the cymbals? Or do they sound like plastic?

    These have a very similar feel, weight, and sound to common birch or maple wood dowel rods... they just last WAYYY longer!
    They are not heavier and do not sound like plastic.