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Lesson - African Rhythms for Drumset - Nov 2019

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About the Class

African Rhythms for Drumset

Cost covers TWO 2-hour classes:

Class A will focus on learning the chosen rhythms on African dunun bass drums and bells.

Class B will apply the rhythms to small drum set (hi hat, bass drum, snare and a tom). 

Why learn African rhythm? Not only are they polyrhythmic, melodic and super cool sounding but learning how to play and listen to counter rhythms will improve your time, feel and make you a better drummer.

Why put those African rhythms on the drum set? There are listening and coordination challenges that you will address when putting rhythms on the drum set. Get deep! Ginger Baker was deep into African rhythms.

All gear will provided for use during the classes. Just bring your preferred drum sticks.

Structured as a small, very hands on group class of only 4-8 drummers. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Sign up for your spot today. 

Note: refunds for your cancelled attendance may not be possible. Make sure to save the posted dates/times.

WHEN: 11/13/19 and 11/20/19 starting 6:30pm 

WHERE: Drum Supply House , 730 Mcferrin Ave 37206, Nashville, TN

BONUS: Students get exclusive 5% off any in-shop Drum Supply purchases night of class.

About the Teacher

Clifford Koufman

Percussionist, drummer, top educator. Not only Nashville’s leading tutor of African Percussion, but one of the nation’s leading drum set educators and among the few qualified to teach the Freddy Gruber drumming technique. (Gruber’s students included Steve Smith, Neil Peart, and the great Dave Weckl.) 

“My interests span from African percussion to American jazz, with my mission being to absorb the knowledge of the masters, then share that.”

Though Clifford has pursued the various arts and instruments of rhythm with a passion, his approach has been intelligent and strategic – he studies with the best. “I traveled to Ghana and Guinea in West Africa to study with master drummers. Two of my primary teachers were grandmasters, Mamady Keita and Famoudou Konate. Immersing myself in their cultures gave me something possibly nobody else in this part of America has, which is true hands-on, face-to-face in situ experience. I have also studied with master musicians from Cuba, Brazil and the Middle East. There is so much more to teaching than just playing the notes. Culture is a key component in grasping the feel and understanding the philosophy.”

For drumset studies, Chester Thompson (Frank Zappa, Genesis, Phil Collins), Roy “Futureman” Wooten (five-time Grammy winner with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones), the legendary Gary Chaffee (students included Sting’s Vinnie Colaiuta, Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer), Bruce Becker (Freddie Gruber disciple), and jazz greats Bob Moses (Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorious), and Jason Marsalis (N.E.A Jazz master; member of the famed Marsalis family of musicians) were amongst from whom Clifford gained insight. “Because their experiences are so varied and deep, each of my teachers has a unique philosophy; what they tell me is as important as what they show me.”


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