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Marine Pearl Wrap : Aged White Diamond

by Delmar
SKU prl22in
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NEW slightly Yellowed Aged White Marine Pearl. This stuff looks KILLER on new or especially vintage kits! Slightly larger pearl pattern than our standard WMP items prl07.. This sheet is the Full 24in by 54in. The maker does not make sheets longer than 54in, you must add a HALF SHEET TALL to go fully around larger drums 18in diameter and larger. ASK about pre-cut sizes and smaller sheets.

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  • Hi. Is this aged wmp wrap that you sell match, or the same as the vintage wmp wrap used on new gretsch renowns? Thank you in advance.

    Yes, 99%.

  • What size would I need for a 14 inch snare drum

    Depends on the drum depth. If it's 6" or less, choose a quarter sheet.

  • What size do I need for 16x16 floor tom? Aged white marine Pearl how much?

    1 Full sheet. 

    we can also pre-cut to your shell depth by request. Just give us a note or an email after you order.

  • I was wondering if I could get the aged white marine Pearl Large enough for a 10” x 7” drum instead of purchasing a half a sheet?

    Sure, email us directly for a custom order.

  • Do you install?

    Sure! We install onto READY shells. We'd need to email on all the details for a custom project if your drum is currently WRAPPED not a painted finish. Reach out!

  • What is the thickness?

    Thickness can vary, but Aged Pearl = .034 or 0.8800 mm or JUST under 1 MM

  • What are the exact dimensions of a half sheet

    Half sheet LONG 12" x 54" = small toms
    Half sheet TALL 24" x 27" = kick or large floor tom patch

  • I need 13/16 wide bands cut x 54 . Will you do this perhaps?

    We can offer custom cut widths. Please email us directly to request. 

    But no promise that of precise widths down to 1/16ths 

  • Hi there! Does the wmp wrap match the Ludwig wmp look. I have a ludwig classic maple set Vintage White Marine Pearl. Thank you in advance

    Sorry, we can't promise a direct match to another wrap not in our hands to compare side by side. 

    This is the most common small pattern white diamond pearl  wrap in modern production. Very likely the same used by major drum companies.