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Mr Muff - MiniMuff Clip-on Fuzzy Tone Control Muffler

by Mr Muff
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The Renaissance of the external damper!

Developed in partnership with Klangmacherei, the MiniMuff external damper mounts on to the drum rim via a secure isolated clip. The amount of damping is variable by adding or removing slip-in weights. The muffling effect is breathable for a natural tone.

Made in Germany. 

The variable positioning is achieved using velcro and the on/off function is powered by a concealed magnet. No permanent modification to the drum is required!

Diameter: 6cm
Weight: 42g or 7g
Material: Polyester


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  • Will these be available again?

    Yes sir!
    Backorder items will always update here on the site and allow orders, as they restock.