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Pancake Popcorn FX Drum

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Small drum, Big sound!

Designed to give you another dimension in sound without taking up a lot of space.

The Pancake Popcorn FX Drums are made with 2” deep, natural maple shells which have a hand-rubbed polyurethane finish.  They are designed to have no vent holes so the drum has virtually no overtones.  They have dual, 45 degree bearing edges and an easy-tune lug-less design to give you single-tension tuning from the top with a drum key, like a standard snare drum.  The chrome hoops are 2.3mm, triple flanged and the heads are clear single-ply.

Shallow: We went with a 2” depth so the popcorn can bounce off and hit both drumheads for a wider sound.  We also wanted the ability to have it fit in amongst and even hang slightly over other drums.  We call it Space Saver Depth.

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