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Rock Lock - Lug Locks - Soft White

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The Rock Lock 53 model is for STANDARD tension rods. NEW Soft White style for slightly easier fit to sole high end drums with die cast hoops  

Just press a Roc Lock onto the square head of a tension rod to prevent it from unwanted loosening.

If you own DW Collectors, Gretsch USA Custom, Pearl Reference, Craviotto, or Noble & Cooley drums, it's very likely that your drums feature extra large stainless steel tension rods. Being that they are manufactured with a softer material, they're much easier to get on those bigger tension rods! 

Just like the regular Rock Locks 53s, the Rock Locks 53 SOFT will work perfectly on standard tension rods as well. They work just as well, last just as long, and we're absolutely positive you're going to love them.

*If you own Gretsch USA Custom, Pearl Reference, Craviotto, Noble & Cooley, or DW Collectors drums, please note: these drums typically use extra large stainless steel tension rods, making it more difficult to fasten Rock Locks on. Don't worry, the 53s will still work! Make sure to line up the tension rod with one of the squares inside the 12-point star and gently wiggle the Rock Lock on - it may be tough the first time, but after that it'll be much easier

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