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Rogers Drums Dyno-Matic Bass Drum Pedal

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$175.00 - $199.00
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A Modern Tribute to the Rogers Swivo-Matic

The Rogers Dyno-Matic RP100 bass pedal carries on the legacy of the Swivo-Matic of the '50s and '60s. Its snappy, dynamic response, distinct visuals, and high customizability will delight vintage lovers and persnickety players alike. The Dyno-matic's smooth chain drive and two-way reversible beater are designed to suit a wide range of player preferences, from swing to rock and beyond. Most remarkable is the RP100's height-adjustable main axle assembly, which raises and lowers to accommodate bass drums 18" to 30" in diameter without affecting beater response. This is great news for session players and clinicians who may not play the same drum kit two nights in a row. Other smart features include an adjustable chain angle, and Adjustable Toe-Stop, and a rubber-lined quick-release hoop clamp The Rogers RP100 from Sweetwater includes a carry bag to protect your pedal in transit.

Adjust height (18"–30") without changing feel

Not only does the Rogers Dyno-Matic accommodate bass drums 18"–30" in diameter, but it does so without changing the response you're used to. The entire main axle assembly raises and lowers to position the beater in your drum's sweet spot, rather than causing you to extend or retract your beater, which can have a dramatic impact on speed and momentum.

Independent beater height and angle

The Dyno-Matic allows you to adjust beater angle and height independent of where you set the main axle assembly.

Two-way beater reverses without tools

A spring-loaded assembly lets you reverse the Dyno-Matic's two-way beater on the spot without reaching for a drum key.

Dial in spring tension on the fly

Tune in spring tension as you perform with the Dyno-Matic's top-mounted Spring Adjuster Arm.

Chain angle tailors speed in seconds

Loosen the Dyno-Matic's heel plate screw and slide back the footboard to adjust chain angle in seconds, thus tailoring beater speed and response.

Adjustable Toe-Stop offers added clearance

Big feet? Give yourself some extra clearance with the Dyno-Matic's key-tightened Adjustable Toe-Stop.

Ribbed rubber sole with retractable carpet spurs

For hardwood stages and concrete floors, the Dyno-Matic's ribbed rubber sole keeps your pedal stationary without damaging surfaces. But for carpet, where extra traction is needed, retractable spurs provide extra grip.

Rubber-lined, quick-release hoop clamp

The Dyno-Matic attaches to and releases from your bass drum with the flip of a lever. Rubber surfaces on both surfaces protect your bass hoops.

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