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Rohema Carbon Fiber Rods

by Rohema
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Material Carbon
Handle Pro Grip rubber
Weight medium
Length 405 mm / 15.957″
Diameter 14.7 mm / .579″


The ROHEMA Carbon Rods consist of 9 high-quality carbon fiber sticks arranged in a circle around a core of lightweight spruce wood. The combination of these materials reduces the overall weight. With about 55 grams and a handle diameter of 14.7 millimeters, the ROHEMA Carbon Rods range between common 5A and 5B hickory drumsticks. The honeycomb-like surface of the plastic handle provides optimal grip.

Due to the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the rods are far more durable compared to others made of wood. The rebound is much higher, the cymbal sound is more overtone-rich and the sidestick is both sharper and more concise. Compared to classic rods, volume reduction and the typical percussive sound are slightly less pronounced.

For those who feel that Rods produce a flat or lacklustre cymbal sound, have too little rebound and can’t stand the test of time, the ROHEMA Carbon Rods may be a real alternative.



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