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  • Prevents Floor from Absorbing Vibrations
  • Fits All Floor Tom Feet
  • Works Better than Air-Filled Feet
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy to Put On and Take Off
  • Budget-Friendly

TnR Products' “Booty Shakers” are a revolutionary way to decouple your floor tom from the floor! Many brands give their floor toms special 'floating' feet that use a cushion of air to minimize how much vibration the floor absorbs. These are different.

Booty Shakers are are made of two foams of different densities. The denser base (polyethylene) prevents the floor from sucking up all of your drum's vibrations, and distributes the point load of the leg over a 2" area. The difference in sound is instantly noticeable.

The top layer (polyurethane) is fluffier and is designed to snugly hold on to the leg of your floor tom with its 'slotted receptacle' - no matter what brand or vintage of drum you have.

These things are super handy - they weigh about as much as an empty soda can, they're easy to attach and detach, they're really durable, and they're not expensive! You could go after high-end, expensive drum hardware...or you could pick up some Booty Shakers. Sold in sets of 3.

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