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WUHAN KOI 21” Ride Cymbal

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Dark and Articulate Ride Cymbal with a Raw Bell

The Wuhan KOI series presents a stunning selection of artisan-quality B20 bronze cymbals with distinctive unlathed bells and clean laser-engraved logos that help these cymbals retain their sophisticated look. Complex lathing and hand-hammering imbue this Wuhan KOI series ride cymbal with a dark, organic sound that remains clear and present; it responds to insistent sticking with a rich, blooming wash and allows nuanced articulations to shine through. While the raw bell adds a distinctive look, it’s not just for show — it’s designed for drying out the cymbal to enhance definition and clarity.

Like actual koi fish, every cymbal in the Wuhan KOI series is uniquely beautiful, both in sight and sound.

Wuhan KOI Ride Cymbals Feature:

  • Quality cast from musically expressive B20 bronze
  • Dark, earthy, and articulate tone
  • Loads of musical expression to explore
  • Distinctive old-world looks and construction
  • Playable heavy-hammered raw bell hides a wealth of tones
  • Laser-engraved logos help maintain a clean, sophisticated look

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